THE Maxus e Deliver 9 is a winner when it comes to supporting van operators and it is also the winner of the Best Large E-Van in this year’s Business Vans Awards.

The e DELIVER 9 comes with Maxus Intelligence Onboard as standard which offers businesses powerful insights that can help reduce running costs while maximising EV range.

This new programme created specifically for Maxus EVs provides data driven insights through the Geotab software platform, including near real-time insights into state of charge (SOC), energy used, energy cost, live GPS tracking, charging data and improved range.

Maxus Intelligence Onboard also allows businesses to better optimise and monitor their EV vehicles to ensure they are operating productively. Each vehicle comes with a five-year services commitment, providing drivers with complete peace of mind.

The five-year services commitment includes a five-year warranty and five-year roadside assist as standard. Drivers are covered 24/7, 365 days a year, with dealer workshops operating a 24-hour service, helping to minimise vehicle downtime.

Maxus is also fully committed to a greener motoring industry, supporting commercial drivers and buyers to future proof their fleets.

The brand’s parent company, SAIC Maxus, has invested £2 billion into innovation with particular focus given to its range of EV commercial vehicles.

The eDELIVER 9. Launched in January 2021 is a large eLCV model with the electric future at its core and illustrates the company’s focus on the green agenda.

SAIC is a leader in the technical revolution, particularly in terms of battery technology. The eDELIVER 9 reaps the benefits of this innovative technology and comes with a choice of 3 battery configurations: 51.5kWh, 72kWh and 88.55kWh with A/C and DC charging as standard. By using various battery cooling methods, MAXUS has managed to reduce charging time (DC 45mins (80%) AC 6-8hrs (100%)), extend battery life and increase the operating range.

Available in two size options, this van offers a remarkable range, clocking up to 219 miles on a single charge (city miles). The zero-emission e DELIVER 9 also packs a lot of punch with a High-Power Low-Energy Motor that offers 150Kw (max power) and a peak torque of 310Nm. Acceleration time is 0-50kms/hr in 5.7sec.

The van can carry up to 1,200kg payload (MH 51.5 kWh), which competes more than favourably with other large EV vans, with room for up to three pallets and a cargo volume 9.7 to 11 cubic meters.

The eDELIVER 9 comes in several variants, including crew cab, chassis and minibus models, while a network of specialist converters can create a bespoke van to cater for all driver and business needs including mobility, refrigeration and specialist cargo.


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