ChargedEV provides the latest electric vehicle charging options to help van customers’ journey to fleet electrification.

It has expanded its EV advice and consultancy team over the past year, bringing new expertise on board with its existing team for the benefit of customers.

ChargedEV was voted top Electric Van Charging Point Provider in this year’s Business Vans Awards.

On top of its consultancy and installation services, ChargedEV offers a full range of management systems, tailored to support van operator customers. With its back-office management programmes, customers can generate in depth reports on the power outlets they have installed, while accessing complex data on revenue and usage meaning that full cost analysis of their fleets can be carried out easily.

RFID cards can be provided by ChargedEV to customer, either for distribution amongst their drivers, or indeed to be held by the drivers themselves, with all usage accounted for by the company’s management programmes.

Importantly, ChargedEV can help companies tailor their RFID cards to specific members of staff and their charging use over time. Businesses can then use this data to optimise its electrified fleet and boost efficiencies.

With a TrustPilot rating of 4.7 (excellent), devotion to customer service is valued by van customers. Following the merger with Northgate Vehicle Hire in 2019, ChargedEV’s expertise in servicing the needs of LCV customers has deepened.

ChargedEV specialises in the supply and installation of Electric Vehicle charging equipment across the UK and having installed over 35,000 domestic and workplace EV chargers to date, it has become the leading independent EV charging infrastructure specialist in the UK.

The move to electrification brings the need for charging infrastructure provision, a potential minefield of regulatory and cost efficiency issues. As a result, ChargedEV provides expert in-house, brand agnostic consultancy for customers.

Its technicians are able to install any chosen infrastructure on a national level, ensuring that businesses big and small are catered for.

Many van operators are looking to move to an electrified fleet for the first time – a real paradigm shift for any existing van fleet. The process of ensuring that they install the right infrastructure to supply their needs, at a cost which works for them, while also taking advantage of possible government grants available, can often seem overwhelming.

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