LIGHTFOOT continues to shake things up in the world of van fleet management with its revolutionary technology, offering managers the game-changing combination of an in-cab driver coaching device, a driver rewards app, and a comprehensive management suite.

Its unique fleet management system delivers real results – including fuel savings, lower emissions, less downtime, fewer repairs, and greater productivity.

This why Lightfoot was chosen as the winner of the Best Van Fleet Management Award in this year’s Business Vans Awards.

Its in-cab coaching device provides real-time feedback to drivers, so they improve their driving whilst out on the road. The Lightfoot app rewards them for embracing safer, more efficient driving habits through competitions, prize giveaways, and league tables.

In fact, 10% of Elite drivers win between £2-£200 every week in Lightfoot’s Driver Lottery resulting in long-term change within fleets. It’s why 250+ van operators choose Lightfoot, including Tesco, Asda, Virgin Media, Integral, Southern Water, and Equans.

Lightfoot is proactive, catching issues early and preventing incidents from happening. Rather than having to go through endless reports and have difficult conversations with drivers long after the dangerous driving has occurred, Lightfoot saves fleet managers a job by issuing corrections in real-time.

Drivers learn to adjust their driving style whilst they travel, effectively becoming self-managing. This leads to better driving across the fleet and less admin for management as a result, including improvements in fuel consumption in petrol and diesel vehicles by 15%, whilst the more efficient style of driving our technology introduces into fleets has a positive effect on EV range.

By guiding drivers towards a driving style that is easier on their vehicles, Lightfoot’s van fleet management technology also eliminates 45% of wear and tear, helping to slash operational costs all around.

Lightfoot is endorsed by a wide variety of insurers and brokers because of its proven value as a risk reduction tool, reducing at-fault accidents by 40%, as validated by Allianz Insurance.

This is due to the increased awareness of van drivers as they’re travelling, and the formation of safer driving habits over time. This leads to lower insurance premiums and fewer claims for clients.

The technology is proven to reduce 15% of CO2 emissions, as well as cutting harmful NOx and NEE, while Lightfoot’s van fleet management solution also helps to streamline decision-making.

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