THERE’S a lot to think about when running a fleet of vans, not just in the admin but while the vehicles are out on the road as well.

That’s where fleet management and tracking systems can really help out.

Tracking and telematics reduces costs and helps to optimise vehicle operations.

For a start, telematics allow you to track your fleet and free up time for drivers. Most fleet tracking systems work automatically.

What about the cost?

Not as expensive as you might think because fleet tracking and telematics systems are a sensible business investment. The costs of investment depend on your needs, but the benefits include:

  •     Better safety
  •     Improved efficiency
  •     Lower costs
  •     Boosted fleet visibility

There are also a number of metrics that show the return on investment. Fleet tracking should be seen for what it is: a system that allows you to optimise the big-scale processes of your fleet. Here are some examples of how fleet tracking can save money:

  •     Fuel savings
  •     Countering timesheet fraud
  •     Cutbacks on unnecessary maintenance
  •     Reduction of side trips
  •     Optimising overtime
  •     Diminish excessive idling
  •     Combat reckless driving habits

The increased efficiency and solid safety measures may result in improved insurance premiums. The insurance companies’ algorithms register the reduction in claims from your company.

For the reasons above, even an operation with just a single vehicle can benefit from telematics.

Is it a spy in the cab though?

You are not tracking the driver but the vehicle. Telematics focuses on how the vehicle is operating and the aim is to:

  •     Improving fuel efficiency
  •     Monitoring vehicle performance
  •     Complying with regulations
  •     Managing productivity and daily expenses

The technology benefits both owners and drivers. More safe and efficient companies can provide better pay and work environment. Plus, you can always use the data to directly reward safe and environment-friendly driving.

Vimcar is the leading fleet management supplier in Germany and last year took its first steps in international expansion by launching in the UK.

It’s core product is Vimcar Fleet Geo, which is unique in that it is extremely easy to order, install and use – making it perfect for small businesses, particularly those with no dedicated full-time fleet manager.

And it’s been a successful launch, recognised by the judges in the 2021 Business Vans Awards where Vimcar was highly commended in the Van Fleet Management category.

Vimcar updates its fleet technology monthly, in line with customer feedback, enabling it to make the product easy to use.

A recent software update means that it now refreshes its fleet trackers’ GPS every 20 seconds making its tracking product the industry’s most accurate.

It also offers0:

  • No hidden costs – no installation or servicing costs, no cancellation fees
  • Industry-beating customer service – with free product onboarding and in-built support every business day
  • Flexible price plans – with a contract to fit the needs of any given business.

Vimcar said it is focused on making a product that helps small to medium sized businesses succeed. It is this approach that has contributed to us becoming one of the top 20 fastest-growing tech companies (Deloitte, 2020).

To find out more about Vimcar click here


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