EUROPCAR Van and Truck has seen a significant increases in demand with an big uplift in home deliveries during the pandemic driving a 72% year-on-year increase in the number of vehicle rental days last year.

With the average length of rental hire also increasing by 50% year on year as firms capitalised on the flexibility of rental as an alternative to long term lease agreements, much of the growth came from the logistics and online retail sectors as businesses strove to meet the need for home deliveries.

Europcar said it was able to meet this demand thanks to sustained investment in its commercial vehicle rental services, increasing the volume and variety of its fleet combined with a countrywide network of sites and supersites.

The company’s specialist van fleet also provided a wide range of vehicles for other sectors of the UK economy, such as construction, fitted out to customers’ requirements with features such as tow bars, beacons and Chapter 8 livery.

Stuart Russell, LCV Sales Director at Europcar Van and Truck said: “Almost every type of UK business had to adapt quickly last year with the demand for home deliveries going through the roof. And Europcar played a fundamental role in helping to keep the UK economy moving, providing vital infrastructure for the logistics sector in particular.

“Through strong relationships with manufacturers we were able to mobilise large numbers of vehicles in the space of less than two months at the start of the pandemic and the first Lockdown. As a result we were able to provide more businesses with the vehicles they needed – often quickly and at short notice.

“Now, as the UK’s families and businesses face the challenges of another lockdown, we continue to offer companies timely access to LCVs with less long-term financial commitment than traditional leasing agreements or outright purchase.”