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We are in a climate crisis globally and need to decarbonise our heavy vehicle fleets now.

While bus, truck and van fleet owners are committed to a greener future, there are some key common barriers that they face: rapidly changing technology, lack of availability of product, price, charging infrastructure complexity and perceptions of operational risk in introducing vehicles that lack traditional range.

There is a clear lack of information available in one place and when customers are already time-poor, there’s no way to stay abreast of changing technology.

With bus, truck and van fleet owners in particular having the heaviest duties and being some of the highest emitters of CO2 and NOx on the road, we’ve decided to focus on the heavy vehicle market with our new quarterly report.

Launching in the UK today, the Zero Emissions Bus, Truck and Van quarterly report will be your guide to what’s new in the bus, truck and van market.

From buses to tipper lorries and everything in between, we’ll provide concise, factual information on:

  • The latest manufacturer releases
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Heavy vehicle readiness
  • Key segment analysis
  • Charging detail

You can download the report here 

If you’re looking for further information on decarbonise your fleet please visit our website

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