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The Business Van blog - or BV Blog - is where the editor Martyn Collins gives us the behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of vans and commercial vehicles. Or one of our contributors has their say on a business van subject that they want to air in The Business Van Blog. The BV Blog covers a variety of topics, but all based on the world of business vans. Occasionally we also invite guest bloggers to the BV Blog to provide their own insight on commercial vehicles and the world of business vans.

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Steps to enforce your van fleet’s safety policies

To form a well-maintained and safe fleet, you need well-defined fleet safety policies in place to prevent future accidents. You will need to enforce your fleet safety policies to ensure that your drivers are well informed of the rules to keep themselves and other road users safe.
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Vic Young Conversions creates EV range

The whole suite of Nissan electric vehicles have a range of up to 187 miles and come with a five-year/100,000-mile warranty for design and manufacturer defects on conversion, as well as an 8 year / 100,000 mile warranty on the 40kWh battery.
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Six tips to help keep your growing business safe

Running business can be extremely challenging, but don't stress - there are ways to make things easier. Here we have six tips to help keep your growing business safe.
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The Most common problems in purchasing pre-owned cars

The demand for pre-owned cars is climbing higher by the day. This trend has left almost everyone, including car manufacturers wondering, what could be...
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Nine crucial tips to lower your van insurance cover

Vans have bigger engines, which also hold more useful tools like cargo. Yet that does not mean you should pay for a van insurance...
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What is the average lifespan for commercial vehicle tyres?

Truck and other commercial tyres are usually associated with light, medium and heavy vehicles, usually over 4,500kg. In this article, we take a look at some of the best commercial tyres on the market and how long the average one lasts.

Beginner’s Guide to Buying and Financing an RV

Recreational Vehicles (RV) were popularised by the US. It started on August 21, 1915, when the Conklin family decided to leave Huntington, New York,...
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What You Need to Know About Guaranteed Car Loans

A guaranteed car loan is a type of loan where a third party will guarantee the loan if the borrower defaults. If the loan...
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Shipping a motorcycle from the USA to the UK

International shipping can be expensive. Costs can accumulate when shipping a motorcycle to a foreign country. Luckily, professional motorcycle shipping companies can help with navigating these costs and can help you ship cheaply to the UK.
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Fleets of vans set to drive forward the UK’s electric vehicle transition

The UK Electric Fleets Coalition has called on the government to bring forward a full electric vehicle switchover to 2030 as part of the push to ‘build back better’ from the COVID-19 crisis.
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Van Safety: How to keep your van safe

Your van should not only be safe, but you have to maintain it to work correctly on the road. If you get inconveniences, the less money will come in. So, make sure you consider security and safety a top priority.
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Four things you should do after an accident

Although you should drive carefully, to begin with, and take care of yourself and everyone else on the road, you still need to know what to do in case you end up in a collision. Here are four things that you must do after an accident so that you can protect yourself. 
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Guide to scrapping your old van for cash

Most people agree that scrapping is a suitable option when there is no life left in a vehicle. So if you have made your mind to scrap your van, there are a few things that you must consider.
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Could a VW Transporter be a sound business investment post-COVID-19? 

The T5 is very much what you want it to be. But does this mean it could help prime your business for success when the COVID-19 pandemic finally subsides? 
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Which vans can hold and transport the most volume?

While the Transit remains arguably the most iconic van, however, there is an incredible range of options to choose from on the modern market and this is something for both personal and business users to give careful consideration too.