While you’ll always need a professional service for your vans, some basic maintenance can be taken in-house

This content was provided on behalf of SGS Engineering

RUNNING a fleet of business vans is costly, particularly where repairs and maintenance are concerned. Recently though, a number of companies are finding that they can increase profits dramatically by conducting basic in-house maintenance procedures. All of the following service repairs are simple and can be carried out by any of your staff.


Changing diesel fuel filters

Most diesel vans will have two fuel filters; a primary filter found between the engine and the fuel tank; and a secondary one closer to the engine. Both of these are very easy to change and you’ll find a step-by-step guide either in your owner’s manual or at one of many online sites. The most important rule to remember is to never have the engine running whilst changing the filters; diesel engines produce an incredibly powerful suction, so you don’t want to risk something being sucked through and damaging the engine.


Battery maintenance

Cleaning the posts on your van battery will help to keep your van running smoothly and efficiently. Firstly, remove your battery terminals, ensuring that you always remove the negative cable first. Next clean the posts, using baking soda and water. Coca-Cola also works. Now rinse off the posts with a little water, dry and grease them, and replace the battery terminals.