THERE are various health- and age-related reasons that prevent people from being mobile and  mobility vehicles can be of great benefit.

These vehicles help immobile people move around at their convenience. In addition to this, it allows disabled persons to be more independent. Moreover, there are various mobility vehicles in different price ranges.

Mobility vehicles, such as wheelchairs, are of benefit for the indoors and for travelling short distances. For longer distances, mobility vehicles cannot operate. For one, they run on electricity, which is not sufficient if you are using the mobility vehicle for several hours. Also, mobility vehicles are not suitable for longer distances. These are not built for the road; hence, they lack road safety features.

For this purpose, there are mobility cars, which provide convenience to the people riding mobility vehicles. Mobility vehicles like vans or cars are designed to transport people with ailments. In addition to this, such cars have room for transporting wheelchairs and other mobility vehicles. Not only do mobility cars provide utility, but they are also comfortable.

Benefits of a wheelchair accessible vehicle

Do you require a WAV (wheelchair accessible automobile)? Even though the outlay can appear to be large, a good wheelchair automobile will allow daily life to last far more readily? Trips to the Doctor do not have to take hours of awaiting transportation to be organised.

Together with your mobility vehicle, you may go and come as you please. Having an automobile with wheelchair accessibility, excursions to visit family and friends are not determined by reserving outside transportation and you will be able to travel in a wheelchair, in which you need and when you need on your own wheelchair accessible car. A wheelchair-accessible vehicle will offer the chance to escape and around once again, to see relatives, keep appointments, do the shopping or only for all those small treats to delight in life.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles can accommodate a wheelchair without the disabled person needing to escape instead of sitting at one of their vehicle’s chairs, they stay in their own wheelchair.

For most users, the practice of getting from their wheelchair and into a car or van is hard. There is the first problem of gaining entry to the car and the dilemma of attempting to keep the wheelchair in the boot. These kinds of mobility issues can be prevented by making use of a WAV that will only make getting around much easier for everybody involved. We have assembled the six Important Advantages of driving and owning a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

How to select the best wheelchair-accessible vehicle

Currently, there are various models of mobility vehicles available in the market. If you are considering purchasing or owning a wheelchair accessible vehicle, you need to consider a few things.

There are various options for WAVs. Hence, you should perform a little research before deciding on a particular model or make. When buying from a dealership, make sure that it is an authentic one. Visit the dealership showroom to ensure that it is a reliable one. Compare the prices of the cars from the dealership to assess which one is offering the best deal.

Before finalising the deal with the dealership, make sure that they offer various financing options. Most dealerships will hire a third-party financing service that provides financing for your WAV. You can lease the car in monthly instalments.

At the end of your leasing term, you will have an option of buying the WAVs or returning the vehicle to the dealership. You can also find new, and lots used accessible vehicles in the UK market. The price for the used vehicle is lower, but you pay more for repair and maintenance. So, you must decide which car is suitable for you.

Check for warranty and insurance

In addition to this, reputable dealerships also offer a warranty on the cars that they sell for example You can receive two years of warranty from Southern Mobility Vehicles so check before deciding as it can affect your cost in the long run as it helps in covering any damages to the car during this period. You should also check if they offer insurance from the car dealership.

Where to Buy Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles in the UK

Southern Mobility Vehicles is a reputed supplier of wheelchair accessible vehicles in West Sussex. They sell a variety of wheelchair accessible vehicles including accessible minibuses and other vehicles from several manufacturers including Volkswagen, Kia, Renault, Ford, Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot and many more.

Southern Mobility Vehicles doesn’t just sell WAV’s, it also buys them too, whether you’re looking to part exchange your WAV or just move it on with a straight sale, simply visit their Sell My WAV page and complete our quick and easy form and they can look for a buyer can take a look and come back to you with a quick decision on your vehicle.

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