BATTERIES can make or break a vehicle. This is why it is important that you choose the perfect battery for your van.

It’s best if you don’t compromise on the quality. There are a number of batteries you can consider for your van. There is a range of brands available that want to make their sale to you. But you need to keep your eyes on the right model.

How do you choose the best battery for your van? It’s simple. Look at the key qualities and match them with what your van needs. Let’s look at what your battery should have:

The Perfect Size

You can’t find the best van battery if it doesn’t fit in your van. This is why the group size that you pick out needs to be exactly right. There are three things needed to decide what group size would fit your vehicle. These are:

  1. Engine type
  2. Vehicle model
  3. Vehicle make

Once you find the right size, make sure it’s on the list for approved batteries for your vehicle.

The right CCA

Driving around in freezing weather is already a chore. It can become even more difficult if your van battery goes out at the last minute. This is why you need to check out the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of the battery. It will tell you the starting power of the battery in cold temperatures.

If you know you’ll be driving in the snow a lot, make sure your battery has a high CCA. The colder it gets, the higher you’ll need your CCA to be.

The best reserve capacity

Reserve capacity will tell you the amount of time the battery can power your vehicle in case your engine can’t run. It’s imperative that you choose a battery van with the best RC to keep you running on essentials.

A good reserve capacity can be your best friend in times of emergencies. So, make sure you make this a top priority.

 Finding all of these qualities in a battery sounds expensive. Luckily, you can find a lot of cheap batteries that will give you the best quality at the best price. The range included in the Exide automotive batteries might provide you with everything you’re looking for in your van battery. Now, all you have to do is start browsing batteries for your van and buy one!

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