STARTING a small business with a minibus or van is easy but earning a decent living wage with a van is harder – especially when you may have little to no money to help kick start your new venture in the beginning.

Once you’ve bought your minibus, you’ll find that there are plenty of jobs lying around. But turning this into an efficient, organised business is the challenge. Here are some proven business ideas to get you going.

Rubbish and recycling

This is one of the simplest routes for your minibus or van business. Search online (ideally, through Facebook) for rubbish that people want removed. All you have to do is safely dispose and remove these items! Your only cost will be fuel, and there should be plenty of these tasks waiting for you.

Removing scrap metal

Another useful form of removal is with scrap metal. There’ll be plenty of casual adverts around for you to dispose of it. All you need to do is return it to the local scrapyard or recycling centre.

Food van

Street food is extremely popular right now, and a large vehicle can be the ideal place to house this type of business. You just need enough space to furnish it with a small kitchen and a platform from which to serve customers. Alternatively, you could be selling pre-cooked or cold items and a kitchen won’t even be necessary! Either way, with a neat design and a lick of paint, your vehicle could become a lovely food van.

Online deliveries

With online shopping increasing hugely over the last 18 months, speedy deliveries have never been in higher demand. You can offer your van to businesses who are engaged in quick delivery services and make the most out of it.


A logistics company will help move and transport difficult objects from one place to another. With your vehicle you’ll be ideally placed to help out in this area. However, just be aware that some of the objects may be heavy and difficult to carry – having staff to help you could be necessary.

Starting a business with your minibus or van is hugely exciting. Advertising can be tricky at the start, as you might not be able to afford a website: but a keen presence on Facebook groups – alongside the above ideas – can help get you going.





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