Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Electricity – is an EV right for you?

In some cases yes, but it depends on your business and if it’s last mile deliveries then electric is definitely the way to go.
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Buying a used van? What to look for

With around four million vans on British roads, there are plenty coming on to the second-hand market all the time.
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Renting a van? Make sure you get the right deal

There is plenty of choice so look for a company that can offer a comprehensive range of vehicles that can be supplied to match any requirement.
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13 techniques to keep your fuel bill low

IF your business involves a lot of driving, you’ll know just how infuriating it can be to see your various costs totted up at...
Small van fleet firms neglect

Small fleet firms neglect essential van inspections

SMALL van fleet owners often neglect essential van inspections and should do more to ensure their vans are regularly inspected during their operating life.We...
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Safe loading: how to do it the right way

SAFE loading: the temptation to carry some more bricks or another couple of bags of cement - along with the rest of the clobber in...
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Know and respect your AdBlue to avoid grinding to a halt

THINK that AdBlue is just a diesel fuel additive put in when your vehicle is serviced?Well, you’re wrong. If your vehicle is Euro 6 compliant,...
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Add Seal beats the tyre let down

The only thing you can guarantee about a puncture in these days when a spare wheel is an increasing rarity is that it will come at the wrong time, in the wrong place – and carry the substantial risk of a big bill.

Tuned for efficiency – you know it makes sense

 Share the big fleets’ benefits Viezu’ s fuel economy tuning services are used by the largest fleets on the road every day - British Telecom,...
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Why compromising on van leasing customer service is a risky business

LEASING is a competitive market – whether you are looking for a company van or car, there are lots of companies offering deals on...

How to spot good customer service in a van supplier

WE all know that service is an important factor for anything that we may be looking to buy as consumers. If we think of the...