You need to spend your time in your businesses, not quarreling with a supplier – so take a little time to find a good one

WE all know that service is an important factor for anything that we may be looking to buy as consumers.

If we think of the major retailers – Amazon, John Lewis, to name a few – we know that service is absolutely key: you order online and can have the items delivered the next day if you wish, or within a specified time frame.

So why not vans?

When it comes to buying or leasing light commercial vehicles, it is essential that you can tick all the customer service boxes before you choose a van supplier.

But what should you be looking for in your next van supplier?

  • Is it easy to deal with one point of contact and can you get through to them without any hassle?
  • Are telephones and emails answered promptly?
  • Is the company website easy to navigate with a focus on customer service?
  • Are all initial queries dealt with efficiently?
  • Do all of the team members that you come into contact with represent the company in a professional way?
  • Do you get the feeling you are dealing with an ethical company rather than “just” a good salesperson?

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Stock vans look more straightforward than cars, but in fact your needs are likely to be more ‘bespoke’. Good provides will be able to match your needs with what’s available

Stock commercial vehicles

When it comes to ordering cars, there are a number of companies who can provide stock cars for both the consumer and the SME. When it comes to commercial vehicles however, it is often a different kettle of fish.

This is predominantly because commercial vehicles – especially sought after makes and models – are often not as readily available as you may believe. It is simply not the case that LCVs are just “sitting around” ready for buyers to pluck them from stock.

Although there is no typical “stock van” – and all LCV requirements are different – customers can sometimes find themselves waiting 5 months (or sometimes longer!) for a factory order van, depending on the manufacturer and model.

A good service provider will be able to provide you with a list of suitable alternatives if the vehicle that you enquire about is not available immediately and it should be clear from their knowledge on the subject that they know their stuff. Do they give you good advice? Do they ask you what you will be using the van for?

A well-connected and established van provider will often be able to source and locate vans that others cannot, thanks to long-established supplier and manufacturer relationships and the knowledge that they have.