Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Who needs a 4×4 when you can have a Peugeot ATV?

BAD weather is bad news for your business. Sunshine tends to shorten our memories, but remember the snowstorms that engulfed Britain just weeks ago?If...

Peugeot Partner Electric van review – drive 105 miles for less than 1p per mile

It's a joy to drive, has the same capacity as any other Peugeot Partner, and can do 105 miles on a charge. If your business is city based, you should read this.

Peugeot’s beefy Boxer is big on space

Peugeot Boxer review: a big comfortable van, well suited to businesses that need to transport lengthy and voluminous loads.

Is this dashing and capable Peugeot the perfect Partner for your business?

Bags of versatility, easy to load, and best of all it's easy to live with and good to drive.

Peugeot’s sparky little Bipper – the small van that thinks big

660kg of payload and an ingenious fully folding passenger seats that allows you to carry an extra long load.
The Bipper is bigger than you'd expect, comfortable enough for long journeys, small enough for city drops, and it does almost 70mpg. What's not to like?

Quick and slick Peugeot Expert is a stylish performer

Manages to combine the load-lugging virtues of a larger van with comfort and style.
Almost car-like in the cab, but with all the easily accessible practicality of a panel van.

PSA develops business to build vans for Toyota from next summer

Author:ROBIN ROBERTSThe long-rumoured and awaited collaboration agreement between Toyota and PSA Peugeot Citroen for the next generation of light vans has been confirmed today....