Business Van Review of the Renault Twizy Cargo

OH boy, we just couldn’t resist grabbing this little funster when it was offered to us for a couple of day’s testing. The Renault Twizy Cargo is simply the funkiest, funniest commercial vehicle bar none.

Only Renault could have pulled this one off. The Twizy in its car format with two seats is strange enough, but then to take out the rear seat and add a load area to make a cutesy little van is just, well, so Gallic.

So exactly what is this bizarre specimen?

Weighing in at a base price of  £7,795 ex-VAT plus between £30 and £75 a month for the batteries, the van is fully electric and has the rear seat taken out from the car version to provide a little 180-litre load space in the back, with a payload of 75kg.

On the road the maximum speed is 50mph and range is estimated at around 62 miles, although this might alter depending on conditions.

On the plus side, the basic price includes an immobiliser (presumably a necessity owing to the fact that anyone can climb aboard), a driver’s airbag and rather curiously you also get alloy wheels, metallic paint and a heated windscreen. And being an electric vehicle there is no VED to pay either, and entry to the London Congestion Charge zone is free.

On the minus side Renault charges £545 for side doors. Yes you read that correctly (more of which later)!

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