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Choosing the right van – why a tipper was right for JS Berry

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PRESTON-based demolition and groundworks contractor JS Berry has just added a tipper to his fleet. When proprietor James Berry established his company 12 years ago he had but one vehicle. He now runs eight. And  now has added a converter built Fuso 3.5-tonne Canter 3C15 to his growing fleet. The truck is fitted with an alloy tipping body with large [...]

Buying a new van: save money and buy the right van

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Buying a new van checklist Get the van you need 
It might sound obvious, but make sure you buy a new van to suit your needs. Ignore the advertising fluff and drill down to the detail on running costs, fuel consumption, load capacity and standard equipment. Be aware of the costs
Make sure you find out the service and insurance costs [...]

Size it up: common sizes and weights

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WHAT van is right for you? Two things: size and weight. When you’re choosing a van, make sure it’s big and strong enough to handle your typical cargo. Check the width, length and height of the van’s cargo hold. Check its maximum payload. And if you tow, check its maximum trailer weight. Then ensure the van meets your cargo needs. [...]

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