Van drivers working longer hours as pressure on businesses mounts

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An increase in working hours means that UK van drivers are now averaging 9 hours and 10 minutes of work per day – up from 8 hours 34 minutes reported in February 2023 – with 2 in 5 working over 10 hours per day. This represents a 7% increase in the average working day, year on year.

Commercial fleet expert highlights rising threat to drivers

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There is significantly more risk associated with working alone and in isolated areas, with London a particular hotspot for fleet drivers. Incidents are occurring on a frequent basis, especially during the darker months, as opportunist thieves target vehicles and advanced equipment. There is a need to look at ways to deter this threat, undertake risk assessments, and ultimately put in place processes to minimise the dangers to people.

Licence Check launches driver app within coaching module

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As part of the DAVIS platform, the new Coaching module is designed to provide fleet and other line managers with a clear indication of driver attitude and knowledge by rating drivers as ‘excellent’, ‘good’, ‘watch’ or ‘action’ based upon their responses and willingness to learn. Clients also have the added benefit of demonstrating proactivity in minimising occupational road risk by improving knowledge and awareness amongst their driver pool, which could lead to a reduction in insurance premiums.

Driver mental health hit by soaring cost pressures

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Fleets are facing considerable cost pressures – from high inflation to rising interest rates – but their strategies for navigating this volatile landscape must be balanced with a supportive working environment. Positive mental wellbeing is not only intrinsic to driver safety, it is vital for strong productivity, skills retention and an organisation’s reputation as an employer of choice.

In-cab driver tech helps hit sustainability and safety targets

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Technology, which incorporates driver leagues and unlocks access to rewards for those achieving Elite Driver status, directly motivates drivers to be better, smoother, and safer with the aid of live in-cab audible and visual alerts. This helps keep operators in the sweet spot of the engine and gives them an end-of-journey score to encourage eco-friendly driving.

How a fleet management firm achieved zero collisions and zero unscheduled downtime

By |2022-11-15T09:57:26+00:00November 15th, 2022|Driving advice, Van management, Van News|

Bedfordshire-based AES Fleet proves that the company doesn’t have to be huge to make sizeable savings. It runs nine Ford Transit vans, from which their mobile engineers fit and maintain camera systems, air conditioning units, telematics systems and more across the PSV, HGV and LCV sectors.

13 techniques to keep your fuel bill low

By |2017-09-22T16:27:33+01:00September 22nd, 2017|Driving advice, Guest blog, Van Advice|

IF your business involves a lot of driving, you’ll know just how infuriating it can be to see your various costs totted up at the end of the month. Between purchase costs and repairs, insurance, tax, and your fuel bill, it’s expensive to keep a van on the road. Chances are, you’re also feeling a little guilty about the toll [...]

Don’t be a railway amber gambler in festive rush

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Level crossing alert to drivers Amber warning lights at road level crossings means ‘stop – a train is coming’ Be extra cautious in icy conditions; salt cannot be laid on crossings as it increases corrosion of the rails Never assume there is only one train coming or guess when a train might come. Beware of distractions. Loud music may mean [...]

Clarks fit blind spot technology to improve van safety

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Backwatch safety mirror fitted as standard with Clarks drive-away welfare conversion CLARKS Vehicle Conversions has said it will fit blind spot detection technology to all its drive-away welfare conversion vans as standard to help business van operators protect vulnerable road users. The Doncaster based vehicle converter is doing this in support of Road Safety Week (17-23 November) with [...]

How to stay safe during extreme weather driving

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Story: COLIN DAWSON BRITAIN’S weather has always been unpredictable. And whether or not we are experiencing greater extremes of late remains a matter for debate. But there’s no questioning the fact that severe bouts of heavy rain have led to flooding in parts in the country, and driving in such conditions greatly increases the dangers of loss of [...]

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