Licence Check launches driver app within coaching module

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As part of the DAVIS platform, the new Coaching module is designed to provide fleet and other line managers with a clear indication of driver attitude and knowledge by rating drivers as ‘excellent’, ‘good’, ‘watch’ or ‘action’ based upon their responses and willingness to learn. Clients also have the added benefit of demonstrating proactivity in minimising occupational road risk by improving knowledge and awareness amongst their driver pool, which could lead to a reduction in insurance premiums.

In-cab driver tech helps hit sustainability and safety targets

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Technology, which incorporates driver leagues and unlocks access to rewards for those achieving Elite Driver status, directly motivates drivers to be better, smoother, and safer with the aid of live in-cab audible and visual alerts. This helps keep operators in the sweet spot of the engine and gives them an end-of-journey score to encourage eco-friendly driving.

Collision avoidance is top ADAS system for fleets

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Research from the latest Arval Mobility Observatory Barometer shows that when asked which was the most useful ADAS device fitted to company cars, the responses were collision avoidance (38%), automatic emergency braking (37%), driver fatigue warning (35%), lane departure warning (34%), pedestrian detection system (32%), adaptive cruise control (25%) and automatic parking system (14%).

Having the trackers in the vehicles has opened up many other doors.

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How could vehicle tracking help your business? Quartix customer Aqua-King Ltd has delivered quality heating and plumbing services throughout Berkshire since 1990. As a small company, Aqua-King had not previously used vehicle tracking for their vans, but it was something they planned to explore, so they turned to Quartix. “The tracking information enables us to be more productive, more cost effective and to [...]

Reflex invests in tracking technology

By |2022-09-01T11:09:28+01:00September 1st, 2022|Telematics, Van News|

Following a successful trial period, the nationwide business is set to equip its entire strong fleet of vehicles with Teletrac Navman’s TN360 software – an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered telematics platform that delivers real-time data to unlock greater compliance, efficiency, and productivity benefits for fleet operations.

Fleet rolls out connected cameras after van impact captured

By |2017-08-31T14:07:21+01:00August 31st, 2017|Telematics, Van Insurance, Van News|

BRUCE'S Doggy Day Care is rolling out a connected vehicle camera solution across its fleet after footage of a serious collision involving one of its vans was captured during a trial of Intelligent Telematic’s 3G devices. The IT1000 vehicle camera recorded the moment another van jumped a red light and crashed into the company’s van as it joined the A3 in [...]

Dashcam video saved an innocent van driver £16,000

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A COMPANY avoided a £16,000 insurance nightmare after the driver’s VisionTrack 3G dashcam video proved he was the innocent victim of a motorist jumping a red light. The footage showed the Ford Transit going through a green light at a junction in Sydenham, South London. Seconds later, the Transit was in collision with a Nissan Note coming from the opposite direction [...]

‘Live Map’ page for Hubio Fleet users

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THOSE businesses who have invested in Hubio Fleet telematics technology can now see live traffic displayed in the ‘Live Map’ page of their online dashboard. Using a colour code of green to yellow to red, depending on the congestion severity, the van fleet controller can very quickly determine how a live traffic situation may impact their operations. They can then take [...]

RAC telematics installed on all new Hitachi Capital vans

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HITACHI Capital Vehicle Solutions, one of the UK’s biggest vehicle and specialist asset leasing companies, has signalled its confidence in connected vehicle technology by having RAC telematics installed on all new vans. It has selected RAC Telematics as its partner for the technology installation which will deliver data on vehicle condition and health, forming the basis of new and enhanced [...]

RS Connect aims for £20m turnover target

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TELEMATICS specialist RS Connect aims for £20m turnover within two years, doubling its current level of trading success. News of the ambitious plan comes with the announcement that the company, recently rebranded from RS Fleet Installations, has won investment backing from Beech Tree Private Equity. Among its recent contract successes, RS Connect won an RAC contract to fit on-board diagnostics devices to vans for Volkswagen Financial Services. Managing director [...]

Tracker Connect offers low-cost telematics for van fleet managers

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TRACKER Connect low-cost plug-in telematics system has been launched for van fleet managers with no installation expense and costing from just £9.95 a month. The easy to self-install device just plugs into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) port, eliminating installation costs. It provides managers with real-time driver and vehicle information, to improve fleet efficiency, saving time, fuel and money, while boosting customer satisfaction.  [...]

Telematics system slashes fleet’s driver speeding by 97%

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Masternaut telematics - what it does: Masternaut Connect tracks multiple driver behaviours, including: Speeding, Harsh braking, Harsh acceleration, Harsh cornering and more. INSTALLING a telematics system across its 900-vehicle fleet has raised driver safety and cut crashes and bills for automotive parts, tools and equipment distributor Andrew Page. The system from Masternaut Connect is credited with cutting accidents and reducing speeding by [...]

The cost savings of telematics

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Telematics can offer SME operations significant cost savings in their vehicle operations. Here’s what you can expect. MORE and more businesses are realising the value of telematics systems and there is huge potential to further save time and money by harnessing the power of the data being produced by the “little black box”. Already, many small to medium-sized businesses are [...]

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