TRACKER, is partnering with London-based Auto Capital, suppliers o commercial vehicles in the secondary market, to provide its customers with in-van connectivity solutions and automated intelligence.

SmartDealer and SmartDrive, offered by stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and telematics technology expert TRACKER, provide forecourt management and vehicle safety for Auto Capital’s fleet operator customers, helping to boost dealer profitability and enhance loyalty with their customer base.

By accessing vehicle location, battery status and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), SmartDealer enables Auto Capital to manage inventory, shorten customer wait times for vehicle servicing and improve the customer onsite experience.

Additionally through TRACKER’s customer-facing connected vehicle app, SmartDrive, fleet manager customers can opt-in to allow Auto Capital to receive vehicle diagnostic information for proactive response to maintenance and repair issues.

This allows Auto Capital to offer bespoke and timely services and discounts to customers, thus securing post-sales revenue.

In addition to fleet efficiencies and vehicle safety, TRACKER delivers Stolen Vehicle Location Assist via the SmartDrive app to mitigate the costly impact of vehicle theft. A simple call to a UK-based trained agent can help quickly track and locate the customer’s vehicle.

SmartDrive offers customers access to powerful SaaS-based connected car services, including:

  • CrashBoxx – automotive OEM-grade crash detection providing dealers and customers with real-time notification of when a  vehicle is involved in a collision, including severity of the crash
  • Tripwire Early Warning – timely alerts if a customer’s car moves unexpectedly, is towed or stolen
  • Journey History – track business or personal trips with easy report documentation
  • Virtual Boundaries – notification when drivers arrive at set destinations
  • Speed Alerts – notification of speeding alerts
  • Where’s My Car? – easily pinpoint your vehicle on the map

In addition to optimising aftersales growth, SmartDealer helps dealers manage and optimise their inventory prior to sale. Benefits include:

  • Auto Inventory Management – quickly find any vehicle on the forecourt and actively monitor  inventory; spend less time looking for vehicles and more time making sales
  • Low Battery Alerts – get alerts for every vehicle on your forecourt, enabling you to prioritise servicing for vehicles that need it most and by eliminating unforeseen delays to deliveries and test drives
  • Virtual Boundaries – innovative geofencing technology sets a virtual boundary around vehicles, the forecourt and other landmarks to get alerts about unauthorised movements
  • Additional Service Revenue –alerts highlight when there’s an issue with a customer’s vehicle, so you can proactively offer your services
  • Loyal Customer Base – keep customers coming back by offering services and discounts based on mileage and vehicle status