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Businesses have a duty of care to ensure that they take every precaution to ensure their vehicles are safe

HOW safe are your business vans? And do you understand your duty of care to ensure that your business vehicles are safe and fit for purpose?

All at-work drivers and business van managers have a responsibility to make sure their vehicles are safe, legal and well-maintained, according to road safety charity Brake.

To help companies meet this objective, Brake is staging a summer seminar called: Maintenance and mechanics: how safe are your vehicles and who’s checking them?

The seminar will cover the legal requirements for maintenance and mechanics as well as employer responsibilities, including monitoring driver vehicle checks and reporting defects.

The seminar will also address the education of drivers on the importance of good vehicle maintenance and the need to ensure they carry out regular vehicle checks. There’ll also be advice from an organisation that has successfully implemented an effective maintenance policy and achieved ‘driver buy-in’ to the policy.

Brake’s senior professional engagement officer Ellie Pearson told Business Vans:We know at-work drivers are an especially high-risk group and therefore it is incredibly important that employers go that extra mile to ensure their vehicles are maintained to the highest standard.”

The seminar will be held in London on June 24 – visit the Brake website for more info.