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WITH online shopping and the consequent home deliveries becoming the ‘new normal’, plus other sectors, such as construction returning to pre-pandemic levels, Europcar has reported a strong demand for van rentals, in some cases in excess of 2019 levels.

Stuart Russell, LCV Sales Director, Europcar Vans and Trucks, said: “With estimates suggesting that COVID-19 will cost SMEs, who account for over 99% of all UK businesses, an average £11,779 each, in lost work, loan repayments and lost earnings, it’s not surprising that UK businesses need imaginative solutions to keep them on the road.

“The role of flexible van rental, particularly in the logistics and construction sectors, has been very important over the last few months and will continue to be a crucial lifeline during these economically uncertain times.

“Rental – whether just for a day or two or for a longer term – offers an off balance sheet solution that does not require large initial cash outlay or extra funding. And this makes it ideal for companies that are looking to protect their cash and not have fleets sitting around that they may not need every day.

LCVs make a significant contribution to the UK economy, yet research carried out by Europcar in 2019 found that 71% of UK businesses have ‘spare’ vans in their fleets to cover SMR downtime.

These underused vehicles tie up capital which could be put to better use and as organisations now need to focus on ways to keep cash within the business and to deal with rapidly evolving changes in demand, rental rather than outright purchase of vehicles can offer greater flexibility

Russell added: “To face the new economic challenges we’re all currently experiencing, UK businesses need to work with supply partners who can be flexible enough to understand the commercial issues they face and provide a bespoke solution.

“Europcar’s nationwide branch and van supersites network means convenient and quick access to vehicles – all with added hygiene measures in place to keep everyone safe. Customers benefit from competitive rental rates – including ones that are fixed for 12 months, and with no deposits or up-front payments plus the support of an experienced customer service team, rental packages can provide timely support, when and where it is needed.”



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