The new Luton Transit will be based on the Transit Box van pictured above and will join the list of Transit conversions available from Transit One-Stop

IT’S AN odd but strange fact that Ford has never had a Luton van.

Certainly there have been conversions around, but not its own fully warranted and type approved Luton conversion.

Until now.

So, for all you small business owners who run removal companies and the like, this will be worth a look: Ford will launch its first ever Luton van conversion in late June this year.

Based on the Box van conversion (pictured) but with more aerodynamic and streamlined Luton cab cowling , the Ford Transit Luton van will be built by Ingimex and delivered through Ford’s 110 specialist Transit Centres under its One-Stop conversion programme.

The Luton will be based on the new Ford Transit 2 tonne Chassis Cab and will cost from approximately £31,000 + VAT.

“Although I’m waiting to sign off final costs, I’ve seen the engineered cabin, so it’s good to go,” confirmed David Petts, Transit product manager at Ford.

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