RENAULT has released details of its new Kangoo, mainly aimed at fleets, craftsmen and traders, in search of a tailor-made vehicle equipped with the latest technologies.

With its Easy Side Access and Easy Inside Rack, the All-new Kangoo makes loading and access a whole lot easier.

  • Easy Side Access: Particularly convenient in city centres, this innovation allows customers to easily access their loads, regardless of parking constraints. By erasing the central pillar, the All-new Kangoo Van offers the widest side access on the market with 1,416 mm (twice the size of its previous version).
  • Easy Inside Rack: This retractable interior gallery is another innovation that allows long and voluminous objects to be transported high, freeing up floor space.

It also features the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system and new driving aids including the Permanent Rear View digital interior mirror which provides excellent rear visibility, convenient on bulkhead vehicles. Other new features include Trailer Swing Assist, Brake Stability Control and AEBS Advanced Emergency Active Braking.

The new Kangoo will be available in two lengths and offered, with manual and automatic transmission, in diesel, petrol and electric versions. Its useful volume ranges from 3.3 to 3.9 m³ in the standard version and from 4.2 to 4.9 m³ in the long version.

The combispace version has five seats, a redesigned look, more comfort and equipment and new driving aids. It retains all the modular features, which are popular with professional customers such as administrations, local authorities and associations.

The new Kangoo will go on the market in early 2021