• A powerful, high-mounted LED downlighter for the new 2-tonne Ford Transit allows van operators to work longer during winter days with reduced daylight hours
  • Energy-efficient downlighter can be used to light a workspace behind the Transit, and will switch off automatically if the battery charge is low
  • New Transit on sale in mid-2019 offers enhanced fuel efficiency, increased load-carrying capability, and FordPass Connect on-board modem

IT’S always difficult for trades when it gets dark early during the winter hours. How do you rig up lighting so you can work outside? Or do it inside your customer’s house (not always welcome…)

Well, here’s a thing. Ford’s designers have thought about this. And the new Transit will has a powerful LED downlighter to illuminate a workspace behind the vehicle.

While the downlighter might be bright, it’s also energy efficient. Well, you want it to work for more than 15 minutes don’t you? And you want to be able to start the van when you’ve finished the job.

So this new energy-efficient downlighter is housed in a unit on the rear of the new Transit’s roof. It allows you to continue working with tools and equipment on a workbench outdoors after the sun has gone down.

Activated using a switch conveniently located inside the rear door, the downlighter switches off automatically if the battery charge is getting low, and automatically extinguishes if the driver pulls away without turning it off. So there’s no battery drain that might be terminal.

Michael McDonagh, Transit global chief programme engineer, said:

“Our new Transit has been designed to maximise productivity for businesses, and we listened carefully to feedback from operators about the ways we could make their lives easier.”

“The new downlighter is an example of a simple idea that helps hard-working tradespeople get the job done for their customers.”

On day’s such as today – this year’s shortest day (December 21, 2018) – there are almost nine fewer daylight hours than the longest day and for many industries, short winter days, combined with falling temperatures, coincide with increased demand for services.

Alongside the new Transit’s LED downlighter is a rear-view camera that improves visibility when reversing. Further new Transit technologies designed to make life less stressful when manoeuvring and parking include a front wide-view camera, Parking Aid, Active Park Assist featuring Park-Out Assist, and Cross Traffic Alert.

The new Transit provides increased load-carrying capability and upgraded powertrains that optimise fuel efficiency by up to seven per cent, and offers a segment-first new diesel mild hybrid (mHEV) powertrain option that delivers an additional fuel efficiency improvement of around three per cent, compared with the standard diesel model, with up to eight per cent in stop-start traffic.

New Ford Transit LED downlighter

Stay productive even when it starts to get dark: useful LED downlighter for workbench illumination

The new Transit also features FordPass Connect on-board modem technology, which will help fleet professionals to improve vehicle utilisation and optimise running costs.

The new Transit goes on sale from mid-2019 – when you won’t exactly need the downlighter thanks to it being close to the longest day, but think about it as future proofing your business and productivity.

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