VENSON Automotive Solutions has once again passed the requirements for the Logistics UK Van Excellence scheme, making it the sixth consecutive year it has been awarded the accreditation.

Managed by Logistics UK, the Van Excellence scheme is designed by some of the UK’s most respected van operators in the UK and recognises excellence in operational standards. The Van Excellence Code sits at the heart of this certificate, offering fleet operators’ guidance in van operations.

Venson was examined by auditors from Logistics UK on its procedures for managing its in-house commercial fleet, including driver checks and vehicle record checks. Venson met the standards of operation laid out by the code and adhered to the best practice framework.

Now more than ever, organisations need to encourage positive van driver behaviour and performance, enhancing the reputation of the company and improving standards across the industry.

Sharon Mitchell, Joint Head of Consulting and Standards, Logistics UK, said: “Venson has proved it is committed to operating its fleet to the highest standards of safety, efficiency and sustainability. The team’s compliance should be viewed as the benchmark for all fleet operators and we look forward to continuing to work with them on their ongoing journey to maintaining excellence.”

Samantha Roff, Managing Director of Venson Automotive Solutions, added: “Even with Covid-19 restrictions in place, everyone from Venson who took part in undertaking the measures needed to keep the certification clearly demonstrated their knowledge and commitment to the scheme. Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated team, in what has been a very tough year, we continue to be recognised as an example of best practice.”