VOLKSWAGEN Commercial Vehicles is offering a 20% discount* on fixed-price and All-in Service Plans, providing even greater value for money, on top of the peace of mind that comes from fixed maintenance expenses.

With the cost of living, and running a business, continuously on the rise, this latest offer enables customers to secure the pricing for their upcoming services, either as a lump sum or a monthly cost.

Running from 18 March until 2 April 2024, this 20% discount applies to both Service and All-in Plans, providing comprehensive coverage as well as easy budgeting.

The fixed-price Service Plan is now available from £17.60 per month (including VAT), or £422.40 (including VAT) for a vehicle’s next two services. It is valid on vehicles aged from one to 15 years old and includes one interim service, one full service and one pollen filter change over two years of ownership.

Available on vehicles from three to six years old, with an engine up to 2.0L and under 100,000 miles, All-in Service Plans can now be purchased from as little as £34.40 per month (including VAT), or £825.60 (including VAT) upfront. This represents a 63% saving compared to when purchasing all these elements individually.

The comprehensive package comprises two services including a pollen filter, spark plugs/diesel fuel filter and air filter change, two MOTs, up to two years’ Warranty, and two years’ Roadside Assistance into one simple package. This provides the ultimate convenience and reassurance by enabling owners peace of mind to get on without the need to plan ahead for future costs.

Available both online or at a Volkswagen Van Centre, the 20% discount offer is available until Tuesday 2 April 2024.

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