BAD weather is bad news for your business. Sunshine tends to shorten our memories, but remember the snowstorms that engulfed Britain just weeks ago?

If you can’t get to your customers or make deliveries, your business will suffer.

Do you need a 4x4 when you can have a Peugeot ATV?

A simple, dash-mounted rotary dial selects the Grip Control mode

ATV – the abbreviation for All-Terrain Vehicle – usually brings to mind a rugged off-road machine of some type, or at least a four-wheel-drive.

But Peugeot’s ATV vans, based on the Partner and Expert, can be specified with ‘Grip Control’ to maintain grip in a low-traction conditions, without the need for an expensive 4×4 drivetrain.

Grip Control has four driving modes for surfaces such as mud, sand, and snow, and the regular ESP (Electronic Stability Programme).

Other features of the Peugeot ATV models are ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation), raised suspension giving an extra 10mm of clearance, and an under-engine protection tray.

The ATV models also have uprated tyres with 195/70R15 Mud & Snow types fitted and no wheel trims.

The Grip Control settings are selected with a rotary switch on the dash.

Do you need a 4x4 when you can have a Peugeot ATV?

Up and down: Peugeot Expert ATVs dispatch snowy ascents and descents with aplomb

Business Vans treid out the Grip Control on surfaces simulating icy roads, as well as wet roads and, believe it or not, snow – on a real live ski-slope!

The results were impressive. In terms of traction control, during hard braking – even on the simulated icy road – the ABS works fantastically well to prevent skidding, also cutting the braking distance dramatically.

And on a wet handling circuit, even deliberately sharp and erratic steering manoeuvres were brought under control by the system.

But most impressive of all, with the right Grip Control setting it was possible to drive to the top of the steep, snow-covered slope without drama.

Descents were equally easy, the Grip Control system again keeping things under control despite the challenge of driving down a steep, snowy hill.

ATV versions are available on all three Partner variants – S, SE and Professional, and also on Expert Standard and Professional panel vans.

If the bad weather we suffered earlier this year caught you out, or your business vans have to venture onto low-traction surfaces, but you don’t want the added expense of running a four-wheel-drive vehicle, Peugeot’s ATV system could be for you.


Peugeot Partner and Expert OTR Prices

Partner S (L1) ATV £17,409
Partner SE (L1) ATV £17,889
Partner Professional (L1) ATV £18,399
Expert Panel Van (L1/H1) ATV £22,974
Expert Professional (L1/H1) ATV £23,526

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