Additional reporting Glynn Williams

COMMONLY known as road tax, but in actual fact its correct term is Vehicle Excise Duty.

Or VED for short.

These are the latest Vehicle Excise Duty rates for vans and pick-up trucks applying from April 01, 2018.

Unlike cars, for which VED has been based on CO2 emissions since 2001, there is a more straightforward standard flat rate system for modern vans fuelled by petrol or diesel up to 3,500kg. Different rates apply to larger vehicles in a more complex system.

Electric vans are exempt from paying Vehicle Excise Duty. Like electric cars, electric vans but must still be taxed, with a current MoT where appropriate. They are also exempt from London Congestion Charge.

The main rate applies to all vans built after 1 March 2001 which come under the TC39 VED tax code. There is lower rate for vans that fall into specific periods of Euro 4 and Euro 5 emissions regulation that have a TC36 VED code.

Euro 6 emissions standards for vans became mandatory for all vehicles registered from September 2016 but there is no different VED rate for these lower emission vans, many of which use AdBlue in a catalyst system to break down nitrogen oxides into safer nitrogen and water.

VED for cars

  • The VED for cars changed in April 2017 to the first year VED based on emissions up to £2,000 – supplemented by a premium for new cars priced over £40,000 – and then an annual standard rate of £140, less £10 for alternatively fuelled vehicles, with zero cost for pure electric cars.

With growing concerns over air quality, relating to emissions not only of CO2 but also nitrogen oxides (NOx), additional ‘toxic’ charges are to be introduced in the London Congestion Charge zone from October 23, 2017, that will apply to diesel vans pre Euro 4 emission standard, with proposals for much tougher standards to be applied with an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) from 2019. Click here for the details.

In parallel, other cities are planning their own measures and the Government is conducting a clean air policy review that is expected to bring tax changes relating to diesels with an announcement in autumn 2017.

There is also a separate Private/light good class (PLG – Tax class 11) for vehicles weighing no more than 3,500kg most commonly applied to motorhomes, with two bands – for petrol/not over 1549cc (currently £150p.a.) and over 1549cc (£245).


Vehicle Excise Duty for vans 2018/19


Electric vans


Vans registered before March 1 2001 (up to 1,549cc)


Vans registered before March 1 2001 (over 1,549cc)


Euro 4 vans (registered March 1 2003 – December 31 2006)


Euro 5 vans (registered January 1 2009 – 31 December 2010)


All other vans registered on or after March 1 2001 including Euro 6