IF you like Vauxhall vans then you’re going to love this: 2019 will be year of the van said Stephen Norman, Group Managing Director of Vauxhall.

Vauxhall is undergoing a product driven rebirth that will double the number of new Vauxhall vans going onto the road.

It starts with the new Combo van, which will be joined by a Crew Van in 2019 with a flexible bulkhead – so you can increase load/decrease people or the other way around.

But then comes a new Vivaro in 2019 and in 2020/21 the large Movano gets a facelift.

Norman was highly optimistic. He forecast that Combo sales would multiply by a factor of four or five; Vivaro by a factor of two or three. “We will more than double our LCV business,” added Norman.

Last year, Vauxhall sold 28,368 light commercial vehicles.

There will also be an electrified version of every Vauxhall model by 2024 as part of the company’s PACE! Plan – and this includes vans too which will also get electrification, probably starting with a Plug-in Electric Hybrid (PHEV) model.

So if you like Vauxhall vans, then 2019 looks like it will be a belter!