IF you depend on your van for work, you have to keep it safe to protect this crucial asset from thieves.

The van should not only be safe, but you have to maintain it to work correctly on the road. If you get inconveniences, the less money will come in. So, make sure you consider security and safety a top priority.

Currently, there is a rise in the theft of tools. If you keep them in your van, take the necessary steps to make them safe. Whether you need car security of your products or want to keep your classic cars from theft, here are security measures:

Parking your van properly

It depends on the way you park your van to prevent thieves from breaking inside. You should park the van tightly in a corner where you block the access of back and sliding doors.

Besides, also park the van in a well-lit parking area. It will help to deter thieves because they won’t want to be spotted easily. At your home parking, install security lights to make sure that the van is safe.

Installing CCTV

Most people who own classic cars or even latest car models, they install CCTV in their parking. Why not keep your van safe with security cameras? Mount a visible and out of reach camera for your van and tools security.

The security camera helps to deterrent the thieves, but if they break in your van, an advantage is that you have footage.

However, some security cameras combine video recording, spotlight, and alarm siren. Choosing these types helps you kill two birds using one stone.

Locking your van

It is obvious but surprising thing is that most people leave their van open. When thieves plan their activities, some will take advantage of such an opportunity. To avoid giving them such a chance, ensure you keep your van locked always.

Adding Stickers to your van

Stickers alert the thieves that the van is alarmed. So, adding stickers will make thieves think twice before breaking in your trailer.

Using van boxes

There are numerous types of van boxes available. It depends on the size of the van and the tools you have. However, finding a perfect van box you need is easy.

These van Vault boxes are usually certified and tested. They are ideal for keeping your tools well organized, easily accessible, and experince a smooth drawer system.

Bottom line

 If it is about security, even those careful classic car owners still come a cropper when it is about security. No matter how you try, you can fall victim to theft, which leads to great losses. In such cases, the best thing is getting insurance to help you get your business back as quickly as possible after the incident.

Total insurance is a crucial factor to consider for a tradesman. Even if you own your tools or they are for hire, the insurance cover helps to cover the cost of damaged items and the replacement of stolen tools. As soon as you lose your van or tools, report the incident to the police. It will help you recover stolen tools or van.