FOLLOWING the successful launch of Mycardirect in 2020, Chief Executive Duncan Chumley, has launched of Myvandirect.

Myvandirect, offers:

  • All-inclusive package, with no maintenance, RFL, MOT or replacement tyre worries
  • Transparent subscription fee, enabling customers to budget easily
  • Paperless journey – 100% online experience offering easy, hassle free access
  • Complete flexibility – from 1 to 24 months, with multiple options in-between
  • Wide range of car and vans – customers can switch from petrol to electric

Chumley said that vans were always a key element of the Mycardirect business model but encouraged by a positive market reaction, the decision was taken to add vans to the customer proposition earlier than planned.

Customer enquiry levels have been high since launch and, increasingly, these have included requests for vans, alongside cars.

Adding to the range of subscription vehicles on offer – city cars, family saloons, SUV’s, petrol, diesel, hybrid and fully electric – will be small and medium sized vans, again offered with a range of powertrains.

The demand for vans experienced by Mycardirect is attributed to two key factors. First and foremost, automotive consumers are recognising and appreciating the flexibility and ease of use offered by a vehicle subscription service. All these benefits on offer to car drivers are, logically, attractive to van users as well.

Demand for a van subscription service is also being driven by the change in consumer habits due to the extended lockdown periods that the UK economy has had to adapt to. This has accelerated consumer habits to favour the ease of home delivery and retailers have had no choice but to increase their reliance on delivery vehicles.

Companies have had to quickly adapt to the rapid home delivery standards of the likes of Amazon in a bid to maintain their competitiveness. Myvandirect subscription is the logical solution for these businesses in need of flexible, all-inclusive van contracts.

Many small businesses do not have the resources to purchase their own vans or the confidence to commit to a 3 or 4 year contract hire agreement. Myvandirect enables business owners to easily monitor their outgoings according to the regular monthly fee but equally have peace of mind knowing they are not responsible for the maintenance, breakdown, MOT, or road tax of the vehicles. Instead of being tied to a long-term lease, Myvandirect allows business owners the option to change their vehicles and subscription length to suit ever changing business demands.

With multiple electric vans available, Myvandirect can also offer business owners the opportunity to trial a more environmentally and financially sustainable method of mobility. If the trial isn’t successful there is always the option to change vehicle, change subscription length, or terminate early – all tangible benefits of van subscription flexibility.

Mycardirect was founded by Chumley to simplify business vehicles solutions with an easier alternative to the expense of short-term rental, commitment of long-term leasing, and the complexity of van ownership. With three locations across the country and a head office based in Hemel Hempstead, Myvandirect support customers across the United Kingdom.

Business Van of the Year Awards 2021